To cap off this ridiculous gallery week, Friday night, was Royal Deviates night. A one night only show at Revolver Upstairs, Seasons of Change was a celebration and exhibition of the Royal Deviates Crew 25th year anniversary.  25 years?! They’ve been at it longer then I’ve been alive, so much respect. I’m not gonna sit here and act like I know the full story of the crew, because to be honest, I don’t. But I went down knowing who Jors, Shem and Prowla are as writers, these guys are some serious talent and they show no sign of slowing down. It’s a shame that this was for one night only, cause this was such a great show, so much vibrant colour, skill and history. That’s the one thing my galpal and I enjoyed most about the show, the colours. I’m not knocking any other artists here, but most shows tend to have a theme or consistancy in it’s theme and/or colours, whereas this one was just filled will colours that really popped and each piece was different from the next. Here are all the pics I took from the night, yep I’m putting them all up, considering it was one night only.


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