GALLERY // Stabs ‘Lite Works’ at Backwoods Gallery

So here we are, the Stabs show has finally dropped in the Backwoods and as expected, it was a spectacle for the eyes. Wow! Seriously, fucking wow, what a show, undescribably original and unique, put in its own world. Stencilling is quiet an art, obviously just look at Rone‘s work, but Stabs and his monsters take it to a whole new one of a kind level. For characters that could be hand drawn or even sprayed, you can’t help but respect the level of detail Stabs puts into his pieces, its ridiculously intricate and most likely pain staking. I’m sure we’ve all heard that some can take up to weeks to finish. and some of the pieces in this show, scaling up to 2 metres, would back up these statements.

When you first walk up the stairs to Backwoods, the first thing you see is one of Stabs’ hand cut stencils and its a big one…. if you needed any more ways to be impressed by this man’s work, then you have no soul. I obviously enjoyed this show a bit too much, but seeing the actual stencils in front of some light is an amazing thing to see and you could say that I enjoyed them more then some of the finished works.

This is definately the most colourful show I’ve seen at Backwoods, there is a mixture of fluro and primary spread between each of his monsters and it works really well. Some pieces are mature and bold, whereas there are others that are childlike and fun, this detail is also the case with the pieces themselves, some are detailed and others are simple. While there are a few monsters here that we’ve seen before in terms of their shape, there has been extra details added, which you will probably on be able to see better up close. Smaller creatures dance and jump in the jaws and teeth of the monsters and each of them have been painted, nothing is spared in terms of detail.

There is a lot to see in this show and I’ve really contemplated whether to break my “don’t put all photo’s from the show rule” [I still won’t], but you seriously should go see this show, everything here will be enjoyed much much more with a close eye. Stabs seems to be an artist everybody finds something to enjoy looking at and theres a great sense of childlike nature in his monsters, they are all smiling with a mischievous grin like they’re almost holding a secret from us. To see them out on the streets is a treat and this show is no different, if you’re not a fan, you will be.

The show runs ’til October 30th.


Backwoods Gallery