GALLERY // Gram ‘Gramizm’ at Nice Cat Gallery

Something a little funny happened at school today, my lecturer approached me during class and asked me why I do or am involved with graffiti. It wasn’t an aggressive question, he was asking in a ways in which to understand as to why people do it. It’s a hard question to understand, but ultimately I came to the answer in that graffiti itself is basically limitless, you may just write 4-5 letters, but there’s so many ways you go about it. Letterforms, positioning, colours, Ironlak alone recently started an online game where writers pick from 800,000+ variations of their colours to do a piece. Thats 800,000 different ways to write your name with Ironlak alone and its because of that a show like Gram’s is so unique and fresh, despite his longevity in the scene. This is a very good show, filled with some fantastic pieces of graffiti, whether you like it or not.

While graffiti has been apart of the “street art” culture longer, shows dedicated to the art form are far and few between and despite the general public’s perception, they are usually very packed full of people excited to see some work. Gram has definately not disappointed his former and now current fans with show, given the walls of Nice Cat a great selection of pieces both big and small. No piece here has been rushed, or at least I couldn’t imagine them to be, the clean bold lines, link in and out of each other as if they were pulled right out of your brain. This is some very sharp work by somebody who clearly know’s what they’re doing while honing a craft that is certainly unique to their own, the 4 letters alone have been pushed and stretched to places few else have travelled and while some are filled in with colour, its the outlines that will really have your eyes crossing over each other.

I always try to find a theme in all the shows I go and see around town, but obviously, the graffiti ones [like this] rarely give me much to work with. I truly to appreciate the art and I don’t see a need for this type of work to have a running story or connection for the viewer, it is simply there to be a appreciated. But I tend to appreciate it in another way, being involved in graffiti is a great thing, some a lot of people may disagree, but so far for me personally its been a blast. It’s everywhere here in Melbourne and its truly apart of the metropolitan landscape, who cares if the government doesn’t acknowledge it, its not theres to decide. I’m not really a fan of graffiti becoming legal, like others would suggest, there wouldn’t be as much drive to get out there and do your best without getting caught, standards would most likely be lowered. Work and talent like Gram’s would not come out because of it and that would be the real shame, seeing work like this reminds me that doing things your own way, is the best way. For me, thats the real “spirit” in graffiti and its something only those participating could truly understand.

From my understanding this top notch show will be on for a couple more weeks, but check out the Nice Cat Facebook page for more info. Congrats on a great show Gram and kudos to Nice Cat for keeping it fresh and giving some of the locals a chance to show what they’re made of.

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