It’s been a great couple of week for the Melbourne street art gallery culture, with a number of shows opening across a number of buildings, but the one most of the town has been waiting for the most, has to be Itch’s. A true staple of the Melbourne street art [and graffiti] scene, this has been a long time coming for the AWOL Crew member. Sometimes you get excited for a show, based on its title, particularly when the first release comes out, with the title of Multiple Reality Disorder being the first impression we get from the show, it was hard to fathom what it could have ment. Has it lived up to its name? Absolutely.

This is one of the few times I was glad that I missed opening night of a gallery show, sure the free booze are a top notch factor, but a good section of us are actually there for the art. After discussing the show with some friends, I had heard that the place was absolutely rammed [and Rtist is no small space], but when I did finally get to walk through the doors of the gallery, the space had a vibe of its own, thanks to the artwork hanging on the walls. Itch has created a sublime show, full of colour, detail and an amazing technique, he’s one of the few artists with a truly unique style of his own. All of his other worldly dimensional characters are floating in their own space and time, as silly as it all sounds, its very comforting and zen to be surrounded by.

Itch has been around for some time now, this is an artist presenting a body of work that may not surprise a wide variety of people, but it does. I have been a fan of his work for some time now, yet feel like I’ve seen a whole new side of his work, there’s so many great examples referencing and present new and old work here. Whether it be: the fantastic blue sketch book outlines, the mind altering perspective pieces or the 3D light boxes [of which you can spend hours exploring, literally], there’s so much here to see, but nothing you’ve seen before. As a mentioned before, the title of this show really does back it up as a whole, there is a multitude of work to find here and each time you look at it, your perception will change each time, giving it a new perspective and appreciation the more layers you uncover. It’s one thing for an artists to present us with a show we can go to and enjoy, but to give us one that can be experienced differently with multiple viewings, is another. This is one of the few shows I’ve felt like I had to bring my friends too, as most of them aren’t as interested in graffiti and street art the same way I am, but with its multiple realities, its always more fun to discuss different perspectives.

Congratulations to Itch and Rtist on another fine show, one of the best in town for this year definately. To see it for yourself, head down to Prahran before October 7, bring your own 3D glasses for kicks too!

Rtist Gallery