The Seasons of Change shows have become a welcomed addition to the Melbourne street art and graffiti gallery scene, one could point it to being at Revolver/Colonel Tans [good food, good vibe], but the main thing is probably the shows themselves [very good shows]. Jorz, Shem, Porno, Ling, Mayo, Sabeth, Frame, Cam Scale, Chris Drummond and Dvate have all featured at one time or another, an impressive roster in its own right. But with all due respect to all those previous, SDM would have to be one of the biggest.





Despite being a Melbourne born and based crew the arm of SDM stretches far across the globe, with Dabs and Myla in LA, the newly appointed Gent from the UK and globetrotter Aeon going here there and everywhere. Some outside exposure never really hurts anyone, ever, so with a crew like this styles and techniques are going to be coming out the ying yang.With that in mind, SDM certainly doesn’t disappoint from an artists stand point for this show, everyone clearly brought their A-game out for this one and the result is a body of work they should be proud to put their names in front of. Some of this is graffiti, some of it is street art, but all of it is impressive from any stand point. I think a lot of crews around the world some what stick to a similar or [in some cases] same style throughout all its members, but thats certainly not the case here. From Dvate to Askem, everybody is repin’ their own thing here and walking from front to back of this show, its clear to see why they’re so loved amongst the Melbourne scene.





 While I usually struggle to write group shows, the one thing I try to look out for is the pieces stand side by side as a whole. We’re usually talking about a piece from a number of artists, but seeing as this is a group effort, its very interesting to see how the pieces feed off each other. Despite everybody having different styles of their own, despite some being across the pond and despite some being old and new members, there’s definately a level of quality in each of these works. Whether its Aeon’s ability to find an ever growing list of ways to write has name in pretty much any circumstance  Dvate’s super clean mechanical lettering or Gent’s hyper characteristic self portraits, everything is done at level only some of us can dream of reaching. Don’t be fooled by their longevity, SDM is a crew that has been here for a lot time, but they aren’t relying on their past, instead, they’re pushing towards the future with every piece.





As this show was open for one night only it has now closed, but if you’re interested in any of the artwork presented above, do make contact through some of the links below.

Colonel Tan’s

SDM Crew