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GALLERY // Dabs and Myla ‘All Good Things’ @ Metro Gallery

Dabs Myla @ Metro11

Dabs Myla @ Metro8

Dabs Myla @ Metro15

Dabs Myla @ Metro16

Now this is a show I’ve been long waiting for, two Melbourne artists now living in Los Angelese, only to return to the motherland to do there thing, outside and in. Dabs and Myla are one of the global graffiti and street art scenes biggest power couple at the moment, helping brands such: as adidas and LRG, to make them look cool again, these two are not shy of a good design and piece of art. But forget all that shit, this is some of the best, most cleanest art you can find in the world at the moment, with line work and technique that should impress anyone, while having a giggle too.

Dabs Myla @ Metro10

Dabs Myla @ Metro5

Dabs Myla @ Metro4

Dabs Myla @ Metro3

It should be state from the get go here, no, none of this is digital, every piece of work you find in this show is hand painted, from its characters, to its landscapes and its lettering. As I said from the start, there really isn’t a lot here to appreciate, whether you’re a fan of street art, design, contemporary or even comic book art, there should be something in this show you can enjoy from a technical stand point. While it’s probably impossible to draw the perfect line, the duo come pretty darn close and from a slight distance you may be fooled. But this isn’t just about lines, shapes and artistic wizardry, it’s the characters that live within them, it’s hard to walk into a show like this and not feel positive by the end of it. The art is very cartoony, bursting with positive personality, come in when you’ve had a long depressing day and be transformed by characters genuinly happy to see you being accompanied by inspiring words. I’ve always seen Dabs and Myla’s work be reminiscent of Spongebob Squarepants, the characters are always happy, full of amazing colour and consistantly smiling, whats there not to be happy about being surrounded by this?

Dabs Myla @ Metro2

Dabs Myla @ Metro

Dabs Myla @ Metro12

Dabs Myla @ Metro13

There is some fantastic work on display here with my personal favourite being the pencil sketches, offering the viewer a skeletal look into the process these two go through before hitting colour, which even without, look incredible in there own right. The real star of the show for this one goes out the gallery space itself, for which the artist have basically painted from head to toe with colours so sweet, you could eat them. That was truly what I was looking for with this show, after seeing so many examples of their take overs of other galleries around the world, it was awesome to be able to experience and live inside that space for a change, even if it was a for short while. Dabs and Myla are a truly fascinating pair, I mean this in the nicest way to both artists, their work is a mixture of feminine colours and imagination with graffiti lettering and precision mentality. Its nothing short of amazing work and so uniquely there’s that you’d probably have to live their lives to come close to imitation. Each have taken enough of the others personalities and artist style to create work that is unmatched, while being incredibly easy and open for a lot of audiences to understand. A monster of a show, the only question here is, who’s better? Nah, don’t bother getting into that, just enjoy it as a whole.

Dabs Myla @ Metro14

Dabs Myla @ Metro6

Dabs Myla @ Metro7

Dabs Myla @ Metro9

Unfortunately, I got t to this one a little late and it has closed as of yesterday, but make sure you subscribe to anything Dabs and Myla related and get in contact with Metro Gallery for information regarding any of the pieces at this show. Congrats to Dabs and Myla and make sure you come back sagain soon yáll!

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