ZINE | Jetso Peezor BTM AFP AC

Another week, another zine lands at more door from The Left Out Store cave in Sydney, with this weeks edition featuring some of Melbourne’s most prominent bombers, writers and all of the above from our fair cities streets, BTM/AC/AFP’s Jetso and Peezr. It’s pretty easy to see why this one was an instant purchase [it really was], as soon as it showed it’s face on The Left Out Store Instagram, I threw my cash at them [via Paypal] and awaited it’s arrival.

Jetso Peezr AFP BTM AC Left Out Zine

Jetso Peezr AFP BTM AC Left Out Zine2

Jetso Peezr AFP BTM AC Left Out Zine5

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I am really started to dig these personalized zines that have been popping up a lot more as of late and this one is no exception. Despite running a website myself, I really respect and appreciate writers and artists that don’t haggle onto the idea of having a website or constant flow of their work/lives via a platform like Instagram. If there’s one thing that’s great about graffiti, its the mystery, I think a lot of people have become interested the culture over the last few years and tend to only respect or like writers and artists they know or know more about, I say the less of that, the better. And while Jetso and Peezr are a couple of the cities most consistent bombers/writers, it’s the great mystery around them that makes their prominence so appealing too. Who are these guys you see everywhere around town? On every door, every wall and all of the above? Who knows, some people do, but for the rest of us, this zine is a great look into the day to day lives of two of Melbourne’s best, with some super rarely seen and exclusive images.

Jetso Peezr AFP BTM AC Left Out Zine3

Jetso Peezr AFP BTM AC Left Out Zine7

Jetso Peezr AFP BTM AC Left Out Zine4

Now here comes to shitty part, this thing sold out instantly, there no copies left and if you’re one of those people that really wanted to get your hands on something like this, I can’t stress this enough, follow Left Out Store on Instagram for the latest and greatest updates for their releases. Big ups to all involved for making this one happen, can’t wait for the next drop.

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