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The Seasons of Change shows continue to impress with it’s one night only shows featuring some of the best kings and queens of Melbourne’s rich graffiti culture. And as the seasons change from Winter to [the already warm] Spring, we have been treated with another exhibition that showcases the many years of dedication the dynamic duo, Paris and Peril of Claim 2 Fame and Da Mad Artists, have brought to Melbourne’s graffiti landscape. To discuss the contributions these two writers have had on Melbourne’s hip hop and graffiti scene would take me all day, so probably just best to talk about this one of a kind show instead.

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Like most things in life, the older things get, the less relevant they seem, but I can’t really say that for graffiti. Melbourne in particular has a good amount of respect of what’s gone done in the passed, with the crews of C2F and DMA being no exception and with a show like this, its easy to see why. Containing a number of fleshed out canvas’ and accompanying photo’s, this show was about nothing but the freshest of styles, which both writers, are more then capable of presenting. In a time where there are [literary] hundreds of styles in the form we call graffiti, seeing some of the earliest styles done with absolute precious like this, was a real treat. And like most shows that contain writers from this era, the colours are just amazing, they literally burst from the pieces themselves, leaving you an understanding of why this subculture caught on and carries through today.

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Like I said at the beginning of this review, as cultures age, the past seems to get lost, but if you ask me, there is really no such thing as ‘old graffiti’ or pieces. I’ve personally had people tell me that some of the pieces I’ve put up on this page [at the time of posting] are old and [therefore] irrelevant, something I can’t agree with. Graffiti, first and foremost, is all about personal style, if you’re jacking someone else’s tag or letters, people will let you know. You’re style and where you put it, is your contribution to the graffiti landscape, therefore the age of your piece is insignificant, unless it last longer then usual. This is why the work displayed at this show is so important, both Paris, Peril and their fellow crew members have laid an integral part out for Melbourne’s graffiti scene with letter forms and colour combinations pulled straight out of the future. To think that these pieces [most of which are taken from ones done in the past] were being put up on our transit system and walls, at a time the pleasures that a colour chart or valve system, the likes of Molotow, Belton, MTN or Ironlak provided. It’s a nice mix of the old and new, when you think about it, for which you’ll get no complaints from me for. And lets be honest here, who doesn’t like seeing a Harry being covered like this anyway?

Paris Peril Down By Law @ Revolver Upstairs

Paris Peril Down By Law @ Revolver Upstairs6

Paris Peril Down By Law @ Revolver Upstairs28

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Unfortunately, the only condition of being treated to such an awesome show like this is that its for one night only, so you can’t see this one anymore. But if you have an esquires about the artwork, seen above, make sure you contact the team at SafeHouse Studio for more info.

Congratulations again team, can’t wait for the next one.

SafeHouse Studio

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