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Well… this has been a very long time coming for yours truly and I mean it when I say this, it’s better to have been late then to have never experienced it at all. For those of you who are wondering just what the hell I’m talking about, Resistance Australia is a book 99% photobook highlighting Australia’s current train writing scene. I have been waiting a very long time to get my hands on this book, certain situations and sheer lazyness have prevented me from getting it, but I just recently got my hands on a copy and it was certainly worth the wait. From each page to the next, the book is full of some of the best photo’s our global recognized scene has to offer, making it a definitive piece of work for not just those interested, but for Australia’s scene in general.

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I must admit, I buy a lot of graffiti and street art related books, call me a sucker along with an idiot, but I’m not a big fan of scrolling through Tumblr, Instagram or Facebook feeds and I still consider a book or magazine on top of the hierarchy, when in comes to documentation. It’s in your hand, it’s there to be read, someone paid to make it and you put your hard earned clams to see it for yourself. While the world leans closer and closer to digital, I still seem to remember pieces I’ve seen in books I own more then even some of my favourite ones that I’ve put up on this blog. Over the passed handful of years the quality and quantity of books has only gotten better with ages, Taps/Moses and the Crack & Shine releases in particular, for which I would easily put this release next to on my shelf. Resistance Australia is a book that not only showcases our countries unstoppable train writing scene, but shows it in a light I’ve yet to see, but in quality and substance. While being a writer is a lifestyle in itself, it changes when you start working on steel and it’s one thing only the brave enough to do it can experience or understand. While we all like seeing a one of a kind burner or just anything rolling, for which there are countless books and magazines for, there a few local publications so dedicated to presenting the life and crimes of those who paint them, reminding you that yes, graffiti [in some ways] is an art, but more then anything, it’s an act.

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Production wise, Resistance Australia is about as good as it gets. Clean and quite frankly, beautifully shot images [which were mostly taken in the dark], printed on fine paper and wrapped in a thick back and cover. It’s pretty clear that some time and money was put into this project, with the end result being something worth keeping for many years. I think that being such a small island country, Australia rarely gets releases on it’s 100% illegal painting culture, but when it does, it’s something you should 100% pick up, particularly at this quality. The US and Europe are so large it’s usually pretty easy, for projects like this and the people that create them, to slip under the radar, so you really have to commend the team that brought this one out. Not only is it a legit piece of our graffiti history, but it will probably be a bit of wait until we see something like it again. From what I can tell, the book mostly comprises of yards from Melbourne, New South Wales and Brisbane, the big three of Australia’s scene, while each being presented as equals. While legendary books like Style Wars and Kings Way are an institution of history about a certain time in  this culture, I believe Resistance Australia can be put alongside those great publications due to its relevance in today’s scene, while also being an indication of what has changed since the beginning glory days of graffiti.

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This must have book is available now from pretty much wherever spray paint is sold in Melbourne and online at the DVRX website, but if you get yours at United Melbourne [like I did], it comes with a free photo print of your choice. Check out this great flicks from Newport:

Resistance Australia

DVRX – Resistance Forever