THSLFE Issue One4

THSLFE Issue One6

THSLFE Issue One12

Whether people like to admit it or not, Melbourne and Sydney are two cities always battling it out for supremecy for the title of Aussieland’s best graffiti, creativity, street art, photography or whatever people can muster up these days. Some compete for the title, while others just stand back, watch and do their own thing, photography website, THSLFE, is one of those people. If you’ve never been on the THSLFE website, make sure you do [once you’ve read this review], it’s a fantastic mix of urban surroundings, tattoo’s, music, graffiti and basic street wandering’s. Presented with few words and a great mix of colour and back & white photography, while being split between Melbourne, Sydney and the far reaches of anywhere. This zine see’s the photographer, along with some friends, present their work in a 50 page zine that would make any publisher’s eyes google, based on the printing quality alone.

THSLFE Issue One8

THSLFE Issue One7

THSLFE Issue One2

THSLFE Issue One3

Any semi-regular visitor to this site would know this isn’t my first dive into the zine culture, the last 6 months has seen at least 20 [I’m guessing] zines reviewed and shared on this blog alone. So when I  mentioned the printing quality of this piece, I’m coming from a big range of other [great] zines in the passed and while I do love the simple print and staple affair, when you get one in your hand like this, a zine that has clearly been given a solid bit of time, thought and effort put into it, you really appreciate what an independent maker can produce. But more then that, the images throughout this zine are at the top of the list in terms of quality, clear, precise and character. If you are familiar with THSLFE’s catalogue of images, then this will definately be right up your alley, few to no words, allowing the images to speak for themselves. It’s also full of a great variety of photo’s featuring night/daytime bombing, the many passages of a city that graffiti will take you to, models, cityscapes and plenty more, there’s a lot of back story behind these images and the moments captured seem to be at the necessity of what they’re about. Most themed zines tend to have a flow and direction from the first page to the last, I think this one tries to buck that trend by having images by each photographer spread out throughout the course of A to Z, allowing the reader to worry less about who’s shooting and concentrate on the images themselves. But for the fanboy in all of us [like myself] the final page has a checklist showing you who did what, where and where to find more.

THSLFE Issue One10

THSLFE Issue One11

THSLFE Issue One9

THSLFE Issue One5

This is another great zine for anyone interested in photography, real street culture and anything else THSLFE shoots. I was lucky enough to do a zine trade for this one, but if you contact the team through the THSLFE website, you may be able to get one for yourself. But be quick, these bad boys will not last forever and the saying of first in best dressed couldn’t be more suitable in this situation, a great addition to the shelf.