GALLERY // Rolling Canvas at 169 Johnston Street, Collingwood

Rolling Canvas Collingwood37

Rolling Canvas Collingwood28

If there’s two thing’s that can said about the city of Melbourne, it’s that our rent is stupid expensive and our graffiti scene, has, is and will always be one of the most passionate around the world. Hundred and hundreds have dedicated their time, money and lives to the lifestyle that revolves around graffiti and its multiple forms. From wild style, old school, thick, fat, bubble, razor sharp, gronk, Sydney, European, we’ve taken in some of the best the world has to offer and thrown it back at them. And while the internet has made it easier to share what we’ve got, there is still something to be said about a physical collective piece of imagery, but while most of us don’t really see what has and is going on in the yards around the CBD. That’s what makes this show, Rolling Canvas, a must for graffiti fanboys, writers and aficionados, old and new.

100+ train canvases cover walls across two rooms in this makeshift gallery space in Collingwood, with some of this cities best writers and aerosol artists. Break, Armed, Akuze, Shem, Dvate, Sage, Frost and many many more turn ordinary train canvases into full scale burners as each writers tries to outdo each other with each piece. Graffiti by and large is always a battle, whether it be friendly or for supremacy, but if there’s one thing to be said about this [extremely rare] show, its that its nice to see so many of Melbourne’s best all together in one room. It truly speaks strengths to our scene and any negative perceptions of it. But beside that, as you flip through these images, it’s pretty hard to ignore the amazing talent and skill this group of writers alone have. Prepare to have your eyes infested with a million colours, key lines, fills, 3D’s and everything else necessary in a proper graffiti piece. I don’t usually post this many flicks of one show, but there was just way too much good stuff in here to not share it on the internet. Some people argue that graffiti within a gallery space just isn’t graffiti, as it takes away from the act itself, which I tend to agree with most of the time. But I will say this, this is probably one of the only shows where it feels like a proper show of graffiti on display. Sure this exactly graffiti, but it’s a pretty tough argument saying it’s not. Each piece has been scaled down to a T and everyone here has had a crack at the steel game anyway, so its a tough argument. And as cheesy as it sounds, it visually reminds me of the ‘gallery scene’ in Style Wars, without all the New York yuppies.

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Rolling Canvas was supposed to be for one weekend only, but it seems as though that it will be rolling on for one more weekend, this Saturday and Sunday [8th-9th], don’t miss out on this [earlier contender] for show of the year!