The Melbourne graffiti community received the devastating news last Friday that one of its most prolific and respected bombers, SInch, had lost his life. While I never met or knew him personally, as someone who documents this cities scene on a daily basis, I feel that it was only right to acknowledge this unfortunate incident by honouring someone who I truly respected, admired and who’s work I particularly enjoyed.

Sinch was one of Melbourne’s most creative and unique bombers with most people becoming aware of his tag through its scale and sheer definition of what vandalism is. Those larger then life letters, S-I-N-C-H, were cleanly splattered across a number of walls, buildings and other deserving properties, across all four corners of Melbourne. The technique itself is still one of the most guarded secrets in this cities scene and I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been asked about just how exactly he did them. It’s because of this, the writer became even more illusive as he spread these large amounts of paint across some genuinely risqué spots, seemingly unnoticed (or at least, I assume so). While these tags were his most infamous, his all round presence was felt citywide, from smaller tags, throw ups and pieces being featured around the city strengthening his overall aura. He really did define the modern-day vandal: daring, ambitious, motivated and undoubtedly unique, while being completely seena nd unseen at the same time.

While this has been a very unfortunate loss for the Melbourne graffiti scene, my sincerest condolences go out to his family and friends. By all accounts (since this sad news), his personality seems to reflect his larger than life presence in the streets.

Rest In Peace

King Sinch

Jetso Peezor Bailer Sinch Lush Maid Sofles Mayo Collingwood Melbourne Arty Graffarti Graffiti

Sinch Crank Footscray3 Melbourne Arty Graffarti Graffiti

Sinch Crank Footscray2 Melbourne Arty Graffarti Graffiti

Sinch Northcote7 Melbourne Arty Graffarti Graffiti

Sinch Northcote Graffiti Arty Graffarti Melbourne