A few months ago, a car park in the middle of Fitzroy was starting to get emptied out to an a presumable crumble. Walking passed it a handful of times, I thought it was another case of high-rise apartments with the usual cafe and all around same ol’ same ol’ affair. But as June ticked over, there were murmurs of the place being converted into a car park, which (at first glance) isn’t any more exciting than the previous presumption, but the incoming results made it a must see destination for all lovers of graffiti. Over the month of June, the team from Graffix Creative, along with around 90 of their friends got together and painted this massive double storey space on almost every corner. Dedicated to showcasing graffiti most treasured aesthetic, the letterform, the car park features some of this cities best and inspiring writers from the past, present and incoming future, making it an important visual chapter on the current scene.

While there have been similar projects in the past, most notably the Project Melbourne Underground from 2012, The Rose Car Park is focused purely on graffiti as a whole and while there are characters all throughout the space, they have all been created by writers whose origins are based purely on letters with the ethos of the car park  displayed in one of its first rooms:

Completed June 2013
Our aim is to showcase letter art. Thank you to the 80+ style writers who made it possible … Peace!


As someone who documents the scene on a daily basis, I felt it was important to get as much as possible on this space as there is are so many great pieces to see. But due to the fact that I work a stones throw away from the space and because I think it looks the best in this light, I am presenting all these photo’s in the dark of the night. Graffiti itself is usually done in the night (for the most part), so why not show it in its natural habitat?


Armed Awes Binge Dvate Jorz Moke Naste Peril Pnoid Putos Sare Sat Rose Street Car Park Fitzroy Melbourne Arty Graffarti19