GALLERY // Remio ‘Subconscious Rumours’ at RVCA Corner Gallery | Collingwood




Melbourne has been pretty spoilt over the last few months, with plenty of artists displaying hundreds of works across a number of spaces in and around the city. As we begin to wind down, what has been a stellar 2014, The RVCA Corner Gallery announced the impending arrival of Norwegion/American Remio to our shores, specifically the borders of Collingwood. A highly prolific bomber and artist in his own right, Remio has created a number of highly original pieces, mixed with his globetrotting signature characters, to create a show that should please those with a love of vandalism and alternative art concepts.





I’ll be the first to admit it, being a mark, I was initially more excited about seeing some of Remio’s classic characters around town, in comparison to the show itself. I can’t stand seeing artists work, predominately on a computer screen, because nothing beats getting out there and seeing it all with your own eyes, it’s what keeps this machine (Arty Graffarti) rolling. So when a profuse like Remio comes to our city, it’s only natural to look for what’s outside rather then in, especially when it comes to graffiti. With that being said, I was still excited to see what was on display here, we are talking about someone who has worked with Barry McGee and Os Gemeos on their work in the past, so if it’s good enough for them, it’s 100% good enough for the rest of us.





Like most graffiti writers (who dip their toes into the art world), ‘Subconscious Rumours’ displays Remio as more then a one trick pony. Filled with a kaleidoscope of coloured and monochrome pieces, this show packed the space with a variety of unique and signature works from the artist. From the ‘boot in the face to fine art’ to the psychedelic brain scrambles, this show covers a lot of ground in it’s small space and simplistic nature. Technically though, it’s a show born out of the streets and I mean that by not downgrading graffiti as an artform (in comparison to others), but the design and line work are all earned from a lifetime of experience in painting outdoors. Just one look at the splattering of Remio’s characters, seen in these photo’s, just shows the specialised style this artists possess. For example, how often would you call a purely black and white piece psychedelic? Well ‘Subconscious Rumours’ has a number of illustrations that will send the minds eye in the subconscious without necessary themes , all technique.




‘Subconscious Rumours’ is still open until the 9th of November and I highly recommend you see it, because like graffiti, it’s much better in the flesh.


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