VIDEO // 12ozProphet Blackbook Sessions: Dmote

With a career that began in 1985, DMOTE is one the longest running and most recognizable writers from overseas. Part of an early group of Sydney writers that were heavily influenced by artifacts of NY style like VHS copies of Style Wars and the occasional pictures of the trains, DMOTE helped to build a scene in Australia that has become infamous around the world. After establishing himself at home DMOTE hit the road, traveling throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. Everywhere he went he continued to paint, no doubt collecting a diverse network of writers black book sessions in the process. man we’d love to get a look at those.

These days DMOTE passes his times as a Creative Director at RVCA, joining fellow writer and 12oz associate REMIO as a brand ambassador. He’s also done a number of solo and group showings of his fine art, an awesome collection of illustrations and designs. And of course, he is still painting and getting down where ever he goes.

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dmote 12ozprphet blackbook sessions5

dmote 12ozprphet blackbook sessions4

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dmote 12ozprphet blackbook sessions


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