GALLERY | Seasons of Change: Autumn with Nemco and Dizzy Hizzy





Melbourne is a lucky city, there’s great people, great graffiti, great art, great bars, great food and an all round level of greatness. Because of this, we also get millions of great visiting tourists, ones that holiday and ones that come here to contribute (and or both). In the last 12 months, we have been fortunate enough to have two visiting writers/artists, Nemco and Dizzy Hizzy, supplying us with a number of pieces throughout the city and its varied surfaces. Bringing their own blend of unique styles, the duo have brought a fresh layer of aesthetics for a number of viewers. The Autumn edition of The Seasons of Change Show at Revolver Upstairs, aimed to bring these visuals to a broader audience, displaying for a single night (at the beginning of the season), for a wide eyed crowd.





The Seasons of Change Shows are usually covered with a rainbow like assortment of colours, flows and spray paint inspired pieces of art. While the duo on display have no problem is showcasing themselves similarly, a less is more approach seems to be the overall theme of this show. Less colour, less fades, less mess, more technique, more style, more personality. Some may see it as basic line work, but you can’t argue the consistant style between each piece. From Nemco’s monotone easy living simplicity to Dizzy Hizzy’s loosely put together sketches, both artists remain persistant in their crafts across the space.





Despite the overall difference in visuals from both artists, the show does have an overbearing sense of familiarity, due to it’s simplistic nature. While this show doesn’t have a title, I would most likely name it: Nemco and Dizzy Hizzy presents “The Simple Life”. As you look through these images, you will most likely feel your own sense of familiarity, from it’s corrugated fences, fixed bikes, cameras, washing machines, food and awning dwellings. It’s some of the best features the simple life has to offer Melbournians, whether it be locals or those passing through. I’ve lived in this city my whole life and forgotten the simple pleasures the pair had on display last Friday night. It may not be the one with the most broad values in technique and colour, but it is like that for a reason, for you to understand that even art can relate in the simplistic of ways.






This Autumn edition of The Seasons of Change show was for one night only, but if you’re interested in any of the unsold artwork above, please contact the artists directly.

NemcoDizzy Hizzy

Revolver Upstairs