Having dedicated itself to the art of photography since it conception, the team at THSLFE have continued to split their time (and talents) between two of Australia’s most recognisable cities, Melbourne and Sydney. For their second venture into print, the team has (again) compiled a number of fantastic images and artworks into a sleek magazine to present another capsule of devoted artists and photographers from the twin cities of Australia. Available in limited numbers, THSLFE 2 is a sleek 52 page guide through the creative underbelly of Australia.

‘Hate This World, Love This Life’ is the official slogan for this edition, as every shooter and painter involved displays a flair for less appreciated. Whether it be distain for the boys in blue, tattoos, roads less travelled  graffiti and other forms of the underground resistance. Independent and undiscovered art makers are blended together, in no specific order, Mark Lording’s traditional designs sit next to A. Thomas’ suburban capsules. Which may seem completely contrasting, but through an impressive layout and selection process, are brought together as a cohesive connection, through the personalities and lifestyle behind them.

THSLFE 2 features:

Ben THSLFETristan EdouardA. ThomasMark LordingDan CoySensible ScottRJ SkaryOllie Newhook