GALLERY | OG23 & RJ Skary at Rooftop Art Space

It’s been nearly a year since the duo of OG23 and Skary presented a selection of works for art and aerosol fans across Melbourne and while the internet provides small snapshots into each artists progression, a physical collective display, is the best way to grasp just how far their talents have gone. While The Rooftop Bar Gallery is a small space in comparison to others, it’s simplistic layout allows a clear view of works as bright as these.

Despite their contrast in styles, both artists share common threads throughout their pieces. This isn’t surprising due to the amount of work they have collectively provided to the Melbourne outdoors, through bright colour scheme’s, bold graphic line work and precision application to sculpted some exceptional work. But despite these similarities, both their work is clearly from other paths, due to the very nature of their fields. RJ Skary is deeply rooted in the classic tattoo form, albeit with some unique interpretations involving cartoon’s, tradition and a dark sense of humour. It may not be the most technical work available on the market, but you’d be hard pressed to find anything like it, along with being executed to a high standard. OG23’s work has seen somewhat of a change in direction in the last 12 months as he has taken his lettering theory and applied it to an even broader landscape style of work. Combining visual cues of bricks, hidden tunnels, infinite running arrows and whatever the mind meets along the way, it is presented for the imagination to wander. The shapes used are primitive, but vibrant enough that they leave a lasting impression via visual cues, making it a seamless transition between his street work and smaller works, something I think others struggle to obtain.

Collectively, this is a show certainly worth seeing, it’s not over thought and easy to appreciate, making it a collection of paintings a breeze to enjoy. While this isn’t the first time this duo have displayed their best together, old and new fans will be pleasantly surprised by the speedy progression they have obtained since their last outing.

This show will run for another 2 weeks at The Rooftop Bar Art Space, closing on Sunday May 3rd, with open hours corresponding the bar spaces.


Rooftop Art Space

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