Graffiti, by and large, is an independent activity. As an individual presses down on a cap to release their name on whatever surface they see fit, they bear all the risk, all the adrenaline and all the glory involved with get your name up. But it’s always good to have someone giving you the all clear amongst the blinding darkness surrounding a late night mission. This is where being associated with a crew comes in handy, to watch your back, alert your eyes and share experiences. Vacant Lots latest release, Disturb The Peace, aims to shine a light on some of Melbourne’s most active crews in a tightly packaged zine. Featuring anonymously submitted content, Disturb The Peace, is a fitting document to the collective effort put into graffiti as a whole.

Spread across 56 pages of exceptionally formatted print matter, this sharp zine contains the shared antics of 9 spray painting groups across Melbourne. BF, DB, DTP, Ferals, LED, MJP, PFK, SR and STH are all represented here, displaying a variety of experience and style throughout. For example, The Darling Boys contribute some funk while sharing pages with the rawness only The Mary Jane Posse could display. Every crew has their own personality and notoriety with each page, making it easy to see why the appeal of painting as a team is so popular. There are few examples of camaraderie found in the expressive fields and it’s truly what separates graffiti from any sort of artform, it’s there to represent for yourself and those around you, to unselfishly, disturb the peace.

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