For all the internet’s shortcomings, the addition of Instagram would have to be one of its better formations. While we’ve had Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Myspace, Twitter and a bunch of other time (and in some cases, money) sucking formats to sink our teeth into, the visual connections with Instagram are instant. That’s why creative cultures, such as, skateboarding, surfing, graffiti and independent photography continue to thrive on the format. If you have ever double tapped on some locally sprayed images, you may have come across photographer, Melburban, whose pristinely clean, unveiling images are some of the best of this underground culture. Shot across a number of uninvited and undisclosed locations, the photographer shows its viewer a side of this city only a few dare to enter. In their first publication, Over Time, Melburban compiles a number of these signature images to create a zine that allows the observer to truly appreciate the quality of work usually shared on a pocket-sized screen. While that 5 inch screen has introduced us to the image maker, it’s downfall comes in the under-bearing size their presented on. But despite the size limitations of this neatly packaged zine, the images are as pristine as ever. Printed in full colour, the photos presented throughout this piece have never looked better, especially considering the deep and low lit depth of focus found in a number of them. Even with today’s advancing technologies, photography is a hard nut to crack in the light, but Over Time seemingly chooses to ignore it, displaying a true talent in the dark. While there are themes of graffiti throughout, the initiative to explore is more apparent. The dark winding depths of the city contrast with some of the highest points above them, all with a familiar coat of inner peace. Over Time Part One isn’t just a body of work by a fantastic photographer, it’s a definitive guide to the true happiness found veering down roads rarely traveled.

I got my copy of Over Time Part 1 from No Good Store online.