Since starting this website, some 4 years ago, there are some phrases and a linking of thoughts that have followed me since it’s inception, shared by a number of people who previously or still contribute to it’s culture in the past and present. “The internet killed graffiti”, “You just like that bubble letter stuff”, “I just like good graff, not the tags” just to name a few. But as disturbing as they may seem there is always one that sends a shrill down my spine… “Everything has already been done before”. Really? Graffiti has reached its limits? Baloney! Due to it’s global nature and connectivity, when it comes to graffiti, the winds of change are always in the air. Like any other artform, graffiti is an experience that absorbs everything around it and pushes back onto the “canvas”. Letters can be made new, along with it’s backgrounds, fills and assorted finishing touches. More importantly, the writer can change directions when they see fit, for the purpose of expanding horizons. Today we have 100’s of example or artists stretching their craft into non-traditional forms with the Spanish-Argentinian, Felipe Pantone being at the forefront. With his incredible sleek, letter based pieces attracting a boat load of attention in it’s own right, Backwoods Gallery invited the artist to show some of his more technically advanced creations.

Taking influences from a variety of optical motifs, Stereodynamica is one of Backwoods’ most impressive shows for 2015, with it’s interesting blend of retro-futuristic graphics cutting through each canvas. Felipe Pantone has devised a show to treat your eyes. It’s bold precision is simply striking and the visual depth found inside these pieces must be seen to be believed. There is a dynamic battle of digital expression, fused with an analogue practise as each canvas displays a mixture of the artists communicating with the machine. Amongst all the Tron-like imagery, there is an ongoing theme of analogue being taken over the colourful gloss of technology, something extensively apparent today. Whether you want to admit or not, everything you love has changed, thanks to the ever increasing speed of telecommunications. Art, music, influence, personal connections, even history itself. The graffiti culture in general has flourished due to the connectivity of the internet, with communication taking mere seconds instead of an extension of months.The ideals have changed, with more exchanging a hard earned lifestyle, for extended pastures, such as the gallery space. But, like the art shown at Stereodynamica, it all connects to create something original in it’s own right. While some way say that graffiti has reached it’s limits, this show is proof that there are none, you just have to find the right artist to push you through it.

Stereodynamica is showing at Backwoods Gallery until Sunday October 25