REVIEW | ‘Year In Review – Spring Edition’ Zine by Barry McGee


Barry McGee is a name synonyms with the world of graffiti. Whether it be from his home turf in America, the Eastern regions of Japan or even the southern tip here in Australia, his name seems a buzz between artists, graffiti writers and mark making connoisseurs alike. Known for his extensive experiences in the graffiti world, along with his inevitable move into the contemporary art world, McGee continues to be one of the few names that has successfully and respectably made the difficult transition. While the majority of us may never be able to own a piece of his works today, it’s comforting to be able to find Year In Review sent to my doorstep, an 88 page, equally personable piece, filled with images shot and collected by the artist. Made in collaboration with SFAQ [Projects] in San Francisco, the Spring Edition is an inside look into the sun soaked fascinations that fills the mind of one of graffiti’s greatest ambassadors.

Split between both coloured and black & white images, Year in Review is a calculated release to say the least. Limited to 500 copies, this hand stapled release is a mixed bag of art, life and all the intricacies to boot. While Barry McGee has always been known to explore cities via bike, in recent years we’ve seen a liking towards the coastal reaches of surfing. Considering this is a spring based release, arguably the best time to catch a wave, its not surprisingly that a whole chunk of the content here is found the between bottom turns. The cover alone shows an eager paddler, though there is a just as enthusiastic one found between its thin covers. McGee’s signature art is collaged with a healthy dose of personal photos, featuring friends, stories and a little bit of graffiti, to balance things out. While most zines blend art and personality into a tight package, Year In Review combines a a myriad of second hand experiences with the artist, as he balls it all up to present a fantastic collage into his mind.


Year In Review – Spring Edition by Barry McGee was previously sold out online, but now has more copies available to send towards your doors. A definite must have for those familiar with the mind of Barry McGee.