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ZINE | Over Time Part 2 | Melburban featuring Pasif & Lazy



What is the greatest sequel of all time? Godfather 2? Paul’s Boutique? What about Low End Theory? I’m not to sure, but one of the hardest things to do, when producing work, is backing it up for the second coming. The creative field, rarely allows the same energy to carry on and flow long enough to excite fans the same way the feeling of an original can. That being said, it’s not impossible, throwing together high stakes, more fan favourites and a dash of what made the original so appealing in the first place, can allow a smooth transition for fans into a second wind. Now I may have written myself into a bit of a hole here, as this (respectably) isn’t on the same scale as The Godfather Part 2, but this, ‘The Low End Theory’ to Vacant Lot and Melburbans collaborative series ‘Over Time’, is certainly a successful sequel to say the least. Connected across 40 pristine pages of precise photos and original illustrations, this second installment solidifies this series for its sheer quality.


Dividing it’s time between Melbourne and Sydney, ‘Over Time Part 2’ see’s local photographer Melburban covert their way through some of our twin cities trickiest rail networks, with writers Pasif and Lazy seemingly leading the way. Sprinkled among the stylish layout are a handful of sketches by the aforementioned collaborators as a teaser of what was produced between the pages of this publication. While OT2 is a sequel of sorts, this is a formula we’ve seen many times before, but it is one that never gets tiring, particularly for those looking from the outside in. But why is a secondary subject matter like this cause such interest? Because the images flow with such energy, intrigue and personality that it’s hard not to ponder on the stories that proceed them. Fences being jumped, tunnels being explored, damage being made, the stillness of these images respectfully examines the reasoning being these actions from a distance. While there are small to no hints of finished pieces throughout the publication, it is a publication completely about graffiti and the encompassing lifestyle elusive club committed to trains.



As a sequel, Over Time 2 is everything this ongoing series is about, with no signs of slowing down. Melburban is establishing himself as another dedicated image maker in the growing list of documenters across the global graffiti mecca, with fine representation via this publication alone.