LISTEN | Legends Thursday Podcast: Episode #95 – Good Guy Boris

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Episode #95 Boris from The Grifters.

Let’s talk about standards in graffiti media. We’ve all seen projects where people have half assed their way through something to do with graffiti media. Graffiti interviews that seem to be the same subject and weak questions. Camera footage that is fucked and shaky but mostly half assed. Don’t get it confused though with having heart. There’s plenty of graffiti projects that aren’t all polished, because someone doesn’t have the means or money to do their best. Those people have a lot of heart. I’m not talking about them, because I’ve got a lot of love for them. Shit 80% the sound on this podcast could be a lot better. I’m talking about the person who puts out a shitty magazine to pump their crew, a video to stroke their own cock when their graf isn’t up to a certain level, a book that’s thrown together and binding sucks because they got it printed at some shit hole. It’s weak and fucked. There should be a higher standard and there is.
When you see a group like The Grifters. What ever they do is always top notch and makes me question what the fuck am I doing? Whether it’s the posts on their blog, video, books, or anything it’s like the gold standard of graffiti media. I can’t thank Boris enough for doing this interview, because to be honest we’re no where near his level. I challenge anyone to go watch some of their video and say it’s not top notch. Get one of their books and see another form of documentation they bring to the next level.
In this episode the sound isn’t the best and at times it’s hard to understand Boris, because of the language barrier. I’d strongly suggest listening to it twice if needs be. Why you ask? Well Boris’ optimistic outlook on things and pushing graffiti media to another level is fucking awe inspiring. He makes you want to step your shit up. He’s that guy who you look at and go damn that guy is really doing it! Go check it out and there’s some pictures he threw our way on the website. The song he picked for his intro and close was Looptroop-Long Arm Of the Law. Great choice and thanks again to Good Guy Boris and the Grifters! Also one side note big thanks to Phil America for helping make this one happen.