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REVIEW | TwoOne ‘100 Faces’



Hiroyasu Tsuri aka TwoOne is a (formerly based) Melbourne street artist, who needs little introduction. Having developed an impressive body of work, that has evolved and been reinterpreted many times of the years, Tsuri work has seen the light of many faces over the last decade or so. From naturally based aesthetics, to a distinguished interpretation of The Seven Samurai, his gallery work has not only complimented those found of the street, but pushed it to these new and exciting territories. Always moving from one place to the next, the (now) Berlin-based artists welcoming demeanor, allows for plenty of interactions and, in this case, influences for his work. In his latest exhibition, 100 Faces see’s TwoOne explore the many years spent travelling across the globe and the results of using his craft to live his life through.





Put together alongside the team at Backwoods Gallery, the decision to not show the exhibition in their space, was due to the sheer size of it all. Compiling well over 100 pieces – across 3 rooms, the amount of work put into this show, was nothing short of motivational. I’ve been to solo shows that barely have 10% of what was on display here and group shows with more space and less work, while maintaining the quality we’ve seen in the past. While the story of 100 Faces lies in the personalities found across its creators life, Tsuri’s overwhelming ability to create to this extent, shows a volume of character aswell. Providing portrayals on close friends, fellow artists, objects and passersby, it may seem difficult to stitch together a defining context to this large range of work. But, like a group show, 100 Faces strengths lie within its individuality, as the majority of pieces share each of their stories, while the others support them. Passing stories can be linked, while others can be considered (influenced) distractions, as the show truly presents itself as more of a document in time, rather than an exhibition of work. Walking through this show with its lighting, sculptures and paintings, puts you inside the artists passport, as he leaves Japan, before finding himself in Melbourne and pushing his work onto the rest of the world.







100 Faces closed last weekend, if you would like more information on TwoOne and his work, start by checking out the links below.