It’s been nearly 6 months since Ghettograffik Magazine introduced itself to the local graffiti scene, providing yet another quality selection of panels, pieces and precision painting from the East Coast’s most dedicated writers. Dividing itself between features and heavily curated spreads, the team behind Ghettograffik have already shown a diverse selection criteria from The Sunshine Coast to Melbourne. With the internet allowing so much work to be shared 24 hours a day, organising the many submissions delivered down to 90 pages can be a tricky balancing act. But in just two issues, these attempts at visual harmony have been one of the publications strongest points, as both issues have displayed enough variety, in: style, colour and the many surfaces, graffiti is laid on. With exclusive features from Break, Gerns and Pudl – viewers are enticed into some of Australia’s most hard working and consistant writers. Presented respectively as a first, second and final act, these three sections are split between a large amount of supporting players, with each image presented with clean accuracy. Having seen some of the pieces printed in person, I can confirm that the magazine is faithful to the artists efforts. Issue 2 of Ghettograffik is not only a great follow up from the launch, but a comforting sequel of what to look forward to in the future.


For a list of stockist, head over the The Ghettograffik Magazine Instagram page – listed below. Both issues are also available from their online store – also listed below.