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VIDEO | The Grifters Code 6: Uber Freaks


Loud, obnoxious, disrespectful, unnecessary, lawless, illegal. These are just some of the words, usually associated with the term: graffiti. A culture that is the under circumstances of an ocean of reasoning, supported by an ecosystem of individuals who live and breathe it’s unquenchable lore. While some choose a casual approach, others bask in the camaraderie shared over years of triumphs and failures, but then there are those who struggle to truly scratch the itch of painting. Since the first chapter was released 5 years ago, The Grifters Code video series have been a powerful statement for those serving such a lifestyle, stretching as far as the cold scenery of Paris to the tunnels of Milan. Each instalment has it’s own flair, all the while sharing a similar theme and intention as (Grifters Founder) Good Guy Boris wields these actions with unrelenting honesty, as the subjects: run, climb, hide, explore and paint their targets. For the latest (and longest) episode, Boris and co. act as shadows to the aptly named: Berlin Kidz – as they demonstrate an ongoing quest of covering as much of their hometown, as they possibly can. Brimming with personality from start to finish, Uber Freaks is a 35 minute exploration into the connection between: writer and city. Some people make it look easy, put together an assortment style points and rinse any space that will hold paint, keeping things at eye level is your most comforting option. But throughout this quiet storm of bombing, The Berlin Kidz aim for spaces rarely touched, reaching higher places and burrowing lower into the underground. Nothing here is at ground level, each section – day or night – is a climb, both mentally and physically, as risks and rewards follow the team with each motion of unwarranted action. Recognising the surroundings as their own, the team share an almost silent visual comradery, as each mission requires precise communication, as the city gently breathes around them. Nobody can truly understand the drive and ethos of these actions, apart from the writers themselves, but The Grifters Code shares this approach from the inside looking out, hoping to allow a better understanding of the thrilling danger so few go through, to simply – write their names on a wall. Their voices may be muffled, their faces – blurred, but the intentions are crystal clear, this is: “Everyday man, 24 hours of action.”

  • Grifters Code 6: Über Freaks with The Berlin Kidz is available now for streaming and HD DRM-Free download for $9.95 exclusively at the link below.