REVIEW | ‘Sorry Bro’ by Antwan Horfee at Ruttkowski;68 Gallery, Cologne


Since entering the gallery environment six years ago, Parisian artist Antwan Horfee, quickly breached the ever-present shadow, some graffiti writers carry well into their art years. Extracting the energy in his street work at stretched canvas, Horfee has firmly established himself in spaces around the world, travelling as far as The United States, Sweden and even our little city down south, to display his latest works. Welding an unbroken imagination, fearless ambition and a playful colour palette, these works offer a more refined presentation to the rough exteriors of what we see outside. For his latest body of work, entitled – Sorry Bro, the artist continues this imaginative trend with a month long display at Colognes Ruttkowski;68 Gallery, compiling over 20 new works, across it’s heavily curated walls. Dividing itself from a minimal framework and moving into glowing colour, the collection also extends to the unorthodox use of blow up mattresses, as they’re scattered across the gallery with forgotten disregard. While others juggle the ever unbalanced approach of working both indoor and out, the presentation of ideas like these that keep this artist firmly footed in between, as he defies preconceptions put before him on both positions. Treating his work with the same frenetic energy found outside, Horfee re-presents his signature work in exciting new territories, sharing flashes of spontaneity and rarely seen freedom in galleries. Engaging, as it is beautiful, the Sorry Bro catalogue is another strong showing by an artist who can’t help but evolve, skilled by influences from the past and a mind, looking toward the future.

Sorry Bro is on display now, until March 26 at Ruttkowski;68 Gallery in Cologne, Germany.

  • Note: The Fourth Walls didn’t attend this show in person
  • Images provided by Ruttkowski;68 Gallery