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REVIEW | Bruce & Mina ’50/50′ at Martinez Gallery, New York

New York has been at city that has always been at the forefront of influence – within a number of significant global subcultures. As the echoes of CBGB’s still ring out across music halls, Warhol’s manipulations of art, with the foot stomping block parties following in the distance. Whether by design or the influx of outside sources, New York’s impact on the world has been paramount to the artistic landscape. Having lived and experienced one of the cities most prominent artistic offshoots, European painting duo: Bruce and Mina, recently produced an appropriately vibrant exhibition in the city’s Martinez Gallery, combining personality, iconography and colour to a city that has served them well. Taking one of this creative hubs most treasured incarnations, composing it thousands of miles away and now presenting it back in one of it’s many exclusive gallery spaces, 50/50 is a loving example of the greatness graffiti possess’. Physically detaching themselves from the traditional one-dimensional walls they have become accustom to, Bruce and Mina have allowed their signature aerosol to travel beyond the gallery walls, moving these characters from one side of the world to another. Approachable to art fans of all shapes, sizes and ages, the Martinez Gallery’s stark space allows for this collection to move around the space, inviting its audience to play hide and seek, the same way they would seeking graffiti outside. Standing alongside these 3 dimensional cut-outs is another collection of paints and ink-based sketches, adorned with the cities most imitated figures, from RUN DMC to Kaws, with even The Coney Island Warriors making a playful appearance. Splitting itself between two fantastic artists, 50/50  doesn’t simply stand as a shared collection of work and ideas, but also as a tribute to a city that has given so much to those who have watched it from so far away.

  • Note: The Fourth Walls didn’t attend this show in person 
  • Images kindly provided by Bruce and Mina