EXHIBITION | Kirpy ‘Archetype’ | Port Jackson Press Gallery | May 2 – 23

Melbourne is in constant evolution with the gentrification of iconic suburbs spreading further and deeper in response to market demand. Kirpy’s latest exhibition critiques this process, asking ‘what is at stake’ and ‘what is left behind’. Empty buildings, whose tenants were pushed out by property prices, their windows pasted up with layers of old decaying posters – Kirpy documents the way that gentrification eats away at the unique culture of Melbourne’s streets. If Melbourne is known for its rich culture and the buildings that play host to it, is the architecture of gentrification unraveling Melbourne’s archetypes?

To celebrate the opening of KIRPY’S solo exhibition, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to an afternoon with the artist. Join us in the gallery Saturday 6th MAY from 2-4PM for an informal conversation about his work and creative practice.