Positioned on the second floor of Collingwood’s Off The Kerb Gallery, bleeds a new body of work from local illustrator – Almost Iris. A graphically driven swirl of emotional connection in lost and new found loves, Find Me Where My Feelings Go is an impressively quaint collection of new sculptures and images from the fine lined artist. Lacking any traditional use of colour and expressions, these pieces spread the entire space provided, collectively gathering at each turn, usually accompanied with figures adorned with lush black hair and porcelain white skin. Despite Iris’ graphic approach, reminiscent of Geoff McFetridge and Cleon Peterson, these floating bodies breathe a weighted energy hidden among it’s bold lines. They move, feel, confront, comfort and console with each other, seemingly trapped within their canvas settings, like a gathering of lost souls, wondering what awaits them. Fittingly positioned adjacent to the infamous Keith Haring mural, Find Me Where My Feelings Go sets out to do exactly as it intends, enticing viewers with it’s approachable collection of fine simplistic approach, hugging it’s audience at each point of entry.

Almost Iris’ Find Me Where The Feelings Go is open now until May 18 at Off The Kerb Gallery, hit the links below for more information on the gallery and artist.