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REVIEW | Jake Foreman ‘Flash Zine’

I’ve accumulated a lot of zines and magazines over the last few years, some you’ve seen on this website, some tucked away into a big fat storage box, hiding way in my cupboard. Paint doesn’t look as nice on a screen and the personality of those making these capsules, usually finds a way of creeping into the paper. But whether it’s an artist, band or photographer, each new publication feels like a new experience, in comparison to their constantly scrolled online portfolios. Some offer new work, others encompass a period worth documenting, and then there are those that are a mixture of both. Adelaide based painter, Jake Foreman, recently released this 28 page collection of new and old work, charmingly printed through risograph, all wrapped up via a modest rubber band. Each page is filled with the artist’s precise flash designs, graffiti pieces and larger illustrative works, covered in a Pan-African colour palette. And while it’s the first thing most people will notice about his work, it’s still one of the most intriguing to say the least. Many artists have incorporated consistent colour ranges into their work over a period of time, but I’ve rarely seen it across some many platforms, while being as restrictive. While splitting his work between a dark green and red atmosphere, it’s Foreman’s use of black that really makes his work come to life. Ironic as it may seem, but the strengths in these works comes from its empty corners of shadows spread throughout, providing depth and character in the process. Foreman’s themes of space, time and the history that mystically combines them all, matches these aesthetics, as they’re presented in an unconventional tone, both in characters and the platform itself – i.e. walls, tattoo flash and, of course, the zine itself. Hiding amongst all this star gazing are hints of lust, greed and Shakespearean supernatural whit, providing even more depth to its simplistic design schemes. Far from a simple collection of works, ‘Flash Zine’ offers a look into an artist you should probably already be looking at, despite what type of illustrative art you prefer. Evolving from a great painter – into one with a rotating thematic approach, Foreman has already began on a new colour scheme, one with a mixture of royal blue, tan brown and black, making this zine a vibrant chapter for what lies ahead.

‘Flash Zine by Jake Foreman is available now directly through artist for purchase and download, links provided below.