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REVIEW | Jake Foreman ‘Flash Zine’

I've accumulated a lot of zines and magazines over the last few years, some you've seen on this website, some tucked away into a big fat storage box, hiding way in my cupboard. Paint doesn't look as nice on a screen and the personality of those making these capsules, usually finds a way of creeping… Continue reading REVIEW | Jake Foreman ‘Flash Zine’

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REVIEW | Petro ‘Ismerockski’ at Le Fix Gallery, Copenhagen

As a graffiti writer, Petro is a name that leads to over 3 decades worth of introduction. Exploding with an original style and personality, the UK raised writer has lacquered a countless amount of work across his home base (and the world), with this distinctive addiction toward graffiti, streaming with influential energy at its tip. As an exhibiting artist, Petro's graphic style and enthusiastic colour has… Continue reading REVIEW | Petro ‘Ismerockski’ at Le Fix Gallery, Copenhagen

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REVIEW | Bruce & Mina ’50/50′ at Martinez Gallery, New York

New York has been at city that has always been at the forefront of influence - within a number of significant global subcultures. As the echoes of CBGB's still ring out across music halls, Warhol's manipulations of art, with the foot stomping block parties following in the distance. Whether by design or the influx of outside sources, New York's… Continue reading REVIEW | Bruce & Mina ’50/50′ at Martinez Gallery, New York

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REVIEW | ‘Current’ by David Hockney at The NGV Melbourne

Try as hard as you might, nobody can put their finger on just what art does and means to the world. For some, it is an essential divide between our primitive counterparts, for others, an honest expression that words can't fathom. However, no matter where your ethos lie, art can always be pinpointed to the uncontrollable force of time. Either capsuling… Continue reading REVIEW | ‘Current’ by David Hockney at The NGV Melbourne

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REVIEW | Rashe ‘Vectorized Reality’ at Lanes End Gallery

It's December 2016 and it's been quite a year to say the least. Iconic musicians have fallen, a combover have won a presidency and ebola already seems like a myth, but with all the bad that goes on, we must always move toward the future and calculate the good. Technology seems to be a shining light… Continue reading REVIEW | Rashe ‘Vectorized Reality’ at Lanes End Gallery

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REVIEW | TwoOne ‘100 Faces’

Hiroyasu Tsuri aka TwoOne is a (formerly based) Melbourne street artist, who needs little introduction. Having developed an impressive body of work, that has evolved and been reinterpreted many times of the years, Tsuri work has seen the light of many faces over the last decade or so. From naturally based aesthetics, to a distinguished interpretation of… Continue reading REVIEW | TwoOne ‘100 Faces’

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REVIEW | Askew One ‘Post-Colonial’ / Beastman ‘Seminatural’ | Inner State Gallery – Detroit

Note: The Fourth Walls did not attend this show in person, only through images shown online Images by Daniel Isley (Instagram: @lifeofisley)  Provided by Inner State Gallery and 1xRUN The city of Detroit has gone through a number of social and economical changes over the last 50 years, from industrial decline to musical innovation, this eastern corner stone has always been… Continue reading REVIEW | Askew One ‘Post-Colonial’ / Beastman ‘Seminatural’ | Inner State Gallery – Detroit

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REVIEW | ‘Scorsese’ Exhibition at The ACMI

Filmmaking bleeds a lot of financial and creative factors, with both providing an extensive history of hits and flops (or thumbs up or thumbs down, for those paying attention). From the producers keen eye on budgets, schedule and staff to the overall efforts put together by set, prop and costume designers, the craft of putting a movie… Continue reading REVIEW | ‘Scorsese’ Exhibition at The ACMI