VIDEO | Sketchy Peeps 008 with Dmote

In our eighth episode of our video series called SKETCHY PEEPS we feature graffiti writer Dmote. Follow the process, get inspired and maybe also learn some tricks!

BUY | The League Extraordinaire Football Scarves

We are three dutch graphic designers who think they have the greatest job in the world, apart from pro football players. Our big affection for art and football led to the start of The League Extraordinaire.

REVIEW | Rashe ‘Vectorized Reality’ at Lanes End Gallery

It’s December 2016 and it’s been quite a year to say the least. Iconic musicians have fallen, a combover have won a presidency and ebola already seems like a myth, but with all the bad that goes on, we must always move toward the future and calculate the good.

REVIEW | Michael Danischewski ‘Blue Sky Roam’ at RVCA Corner Gallery

When people think of visual art, the first response is usually within the use of colour. Whether it’s from a traditional canvas, screen or photograph, an artworks layout of colour has a profound effect on the viewers final perspective, so much so, that it can even make or break shows.