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REVIEW | ‘Scorsese’ Exhibition at The ACMI

Filmmaking bleeds a lot of financial and creative factors, with both providing an extensive history of hits and flops (or thumbs up or thumbs down, for those paying attention). From the producers keen eye on budgets, schedule and staff to the overall efforts put together by set, prop and costume designers, the craft of putting a movie together passes through a lot of hands. Evidently, the responsibility falls into the hands of the mind at the head of the helm,

REVIEW | Mark & Vaughn Bodē ‘Wizards, Lizards & Broads’ at Backwoods Gallery

Tracking down the initial influences of graffiti, is an overwhelmingly impossible task, as music, lifestyle and various forms of visual art, have all played a withstanding influence on the ever expanding culture. While graffiti’s core ethos is directly aligned with the world of hip hop, it’s artistic genesis reaches from a myriad of sources. Originally conceived away from the gallery space, writers were influenced by their surroundings, from the many block parties surrounding New York City to underground culture sinking below them. Graffiti was never taught, rather created, taken and shared by a efficient group of dedicated writers wanting to make it their own. A key influence was found in the work of comic book writer and illustrator, Vaughn Bodē, an incredibly important artist across a number of fields. Through his colourfully mature work, Bodē’s presence has stretched as far as films, tattooing, animation, street art and (if you haven’t caught on yet) graffiti. Distinctly alternative and original, it’s easy to see why the adventures of Cheech Wizard and Cobalt 60 were shared throughout many sprayed painted tunnels around the world. Since passing in 1975, his son Mark has …