VIDEO | The Fourth Walls presents Stabs ‘Television’

Arriving in Melbourne during the influential boom period of the early 2000's, Melbourne-based artist - Stabs, has presented hundreds of works across it's walls and gallery spaces ever since. Committed to his chosen discipline of stencils, he consistantly evolves his practise by carving out new ways of presenting the art-form regularly. Filmed in June of … Continue reading VIDEO | The Fourth Walls presents Stabs ‘Television’

VIDEO | Utah & Ether ‘No Comment’

"No comment." tells one story using two very different narratives . In spring of 2016, UTAH & ETHER set out on a 5 week holiday to Australia, but before the end of the second week their travels took an unexpected turn.  Utilizing the tête-bêche format, "No comment." gives intimate accounts of their Australian trip gone … Continue reading VIDEO | Utah & Ether ‘No Comment’

VIDEO | Polski Safari with Smetr and Mach

Dragon hunters, MACH KGB and SMET AOD, set off across the Polish countryside – roadtrip styleee – sampling Poland’s many beautiful commuter models, sights and delights. Video courtesy of 1IN1HUNDRED. A full-colour zine featuring unseen photos from the tour is available at – click  below to get yours. MACH AND SMET ZINE IRONLAK - 1IN1HUNDRED