VIDEO | Utah & Ether ‘No Comment’

"No comment." tells one story using two very different narratives . In spring of 2016, UTAH & ETHER set out on a 5 week holiday to Australia, but before the end of the second week their travels took an unexpected turn.  Utilizing the tête-bêche format, "No comment." gives intimate accounts of their Australian trip gone … Continue reading VIDEO | Utah & Ether ‘No Comment’

REVIEW | Bruce & Mina ’50/50′ at Martinez Gallery, New York

New York has been at city that has always been at the forefront of influence - within a number of significant global subcultures. As the echoes of CBGB's still ring out across music halls, Warhol's manipulations of art, with the foot stomping block parties following in the distance. Whether by design or the influx of outside sources, New York's … Continue reading REVIEW | Bruce & Mina ’50/50′ at Martinez Gallery, New York