VIDEO | Utah & Ether ‘No Comment’

"No comment." tells one story using two very different narratives . In spring of 2016, UTAH & ETHER set out on a 5 week holiday to Australia, but before the end of the second week their travels took an unexpected turn.  Utilizing the tête-bêche format, "No comment." gives intimate accounts of their Australian trip gone … Continue reading VIDEO | Utah & Ether ‘No Comment’

VIDEO | Polski Safari with Smetr and Mach

Dragon hunters, MACH KGB and SMET AOD, set off across the Polish countryside – roadtrip styleee – sampling Poland’s many beautiful commuter models, sights and delights. Video courtesy of 1IN1HUNDRED. A full-colour zine featuring unseen photos from the tour is available at – click  below to get yours. MACH AND SMET ZINE IRONLAK - 1IN1HUNDRED