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Ling | Collingwood

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REVIEW | ‘Current’ by David Hockney at The NGV Melbourne

Try as hard as you might, nobody can put their finger on just what art does and means to the world. For some, it is an essential divide between our primitive counterparts, for others, an honest expression that words can't fathom. However, no matter where your ethos lie, art can always be pinpointed to the uncontrollable force of time. Either capsuling… Continue reading REVIEW | ‘Current’ by David Hockney at The NGV Melbourne

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There has always been animosity between two of Australia's Eastern major forefronts, Melbourne and Sydney. Whether it is through sport, the arts, culture, lifestyle, beaches and, of course, graffiti - nobody can decide who's metropolis reigns supreme. With neither side backing down without a fight, it's safe to say that all this passion must equate from… Continue reading ZINE | SYDIZM by Czna

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REVIEW | Rashe ‘Vectorized Reality’ at Lanes End Gallery

It's December 2016 and it's been quite a year to say the least. Iconic musicians have fallen, a combover have won a presidency and ebola already seems like a myth, but with all the bad that goes on, we must always move toward the future and calculate the good. Technology seems to be a shining light… Continue reading REVIEW | Rashe ‘Vectorized Reality’ at Lanes End Gallery