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REVIEW | TwoOne ‘100 Faces’

Hiroyasu Tsuri aka TwoOne is a (formerly based) Melbourne street artist, who needs little introduction. Having developed an impressive body of work, that has evolved and been reinterpreted many times of the years, Tsuri work has seen the light of many faces over the last decade or so. From naturally based aesthetics, to a distinguished interpretation of… Continue reading REVIEW | TwoOne ‘100 Faces’



Since starting this website, some 4 years ago, there are some phrases and a linking of thoughts that have followed me since it's inception, shared by a number of people who previously or still contribute to it's culture in the past and present. "The internet killed graffiti", "You just like that bubble letter stuff", "I just… Continue reading “STEREODYNAMICA” BY FELIPE PANTONE | BACKWOODS GALLERY


GALLERY | Nelio ‘Back & Forth’ at Backwoods Gallery

It's already May and Backwoods Gallery has hosted a handful of local and globe trotting artists, from the darkly ambient drawings of Kes Acorn to the intricate sculptures of Stephen Ives. And for all of its high-grade exhibitions, the gallery has never slept on its variety within the rotating space. For every 2-week display, Backwoods provides the conceptually… Continue reading GALLERY | Nelio ‘Back & Forth’ at Backwoods Gallery


GALLERY // Stabs ‘Keep It Simple’ | Backwoods Gallery

It's been a hell of a long time since we've seen, Melbourne street artist, Stabs' work being displayed in a gallery setting and while you can still catch a ton of his work outside, it's sometime comforting to be able to sit back, relax and analyse one of this cities best and most original stencil… Continue reading GALLERY // Stabs ‘Keep It Simple’ | Backwoods Gallery


Roa ‘Carrion’ at Backwoods Gallery

Art and science, two worlds rarely associated with each other, sure scientists are used to uncover the authenticity and age of some critical pieces, but what about the pieces themselves? Street artist Roa has been exploring the visual and scientific themes of Darwin through his work for some time now, displaying not only the beauty… Continue reading Roa ‘Carrion’ at Backwoods Gallery


GALLERY // Stabs ‘Lite Works’ at Backwoods Gallery

So here we are, the Stabs show has finally dropped in the Backwoods and as expected, it was a spectacle for the eyes. Wow! Seriously, fucking wow, what a show, undescribably original and unique, put in its own world. Stencilling is quiet an art, obviously just look at Rone's work, but Stabs and his monsters take… Continue reading GALLERY // Stabs ‘Lite Works’ at Backwoods Gallery