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VIDEO | The Grifters Code 6: Uber Freaks

ALWAYS CHOOSE LIFE. Loud, obnoxious, disrespectful, unnecessary, lawless, illegal. These are just some of the words, usually associated with the term: graffiti. A culture that is the under circumstances of an ocean of reasoning, supported by an ecosystem of individuals who live and breathe it's unquenchable lore. While some choose a casual approach, others bask in the… Continue reading VIDEO | The Grifters Code 6: Uber Freaks



The documentary format has been synonyms with street art and graffiti, since it's popularised inception. From the hey days of Style Wars and Stations of The Elevated, to the more recent Exit Through The Gift Shop, these intertwining cultures have been welcomed and influential to screens, both large and small. But, as a self proclaimed film buff, I… Continue reading REVIEW | CUTBACK DOCUMENTARY