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Nychos | Collingwood

COLLINGWOOD NYCHOS Click here for more from NYCHOS via The Fourth Walls

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REVIEW | TwoOne ‘100 Faces’

Hiroyasu Tsuri aka TwoOne is a (formerly based) Melbourne street artist, who needs little introduction. Having developed an impressive body of work, that has evolved and been reinterpreted many times of the years, Tsuri work has seen the light of many faces over the last decade or so. From naturally based aesthetics, to a distinguished interpretation of… Continue reading REVIEW | TwoOne ‘100 Faces’

Melbourne, Street Art

VIDEO | Keith Haring Uncovered

In 1984 American artist Keith Haring visited Australia & created a mural in Collingwood, Melbourne. This is the story of the mural which is now one of only 31 known murals by Haring that are still in existence worldwide. Available to watch on ABC iVIEW until August 31 WATCH IT HERE KEITH HARING ABC iVIEW