VIDEO // 12ozProphet Blackbook Sessions: Dmote

With a career that began in 1985, DMOTE is one the longest running and most recognizable writers from overseas. Part of an early group of Sydney writers that were heavily influenced by artifacts of NY style like VHS copies of Style Wars and the occasional pictures of the trains, DMOTE helped to build a scene… Continue reading VIDEO // 12ozProphet Blackbook Sessions: Dmote


VIDEO // ‘Pow! Wow! x RVCA’ with Soul and Dmote

Every winter the advocates and artists of RVCA gather on the shores of Oahu to skate, surf and paint. Dubbed RVCAloha, the 2014 edition had RVCA and POW! WOW! painting a new mural at the Keolu Skatepark in Kailua, Hawaii. Battling intermittent showers and the harsh Hawaiian sun, the Dmote and Soul completed a stunning… Continue reading VIDEO // ‘Pow! Wow! x RVCA’ with Soul and Dmote