VIDEO // Sauce ‘More Shitty Apartments No Doubt…’

A Fly guy defines Melbourne's current state of destroy and rebuild real estate uglyness, for which I couldn't agree with more. "More and more entire blocks are being snapped up by developers and demolished. It's sad really, watching these ugly slap-job apartment blocks spring up all the time. I feel bad for the poor guy… Continue reading VIDEO // Sauce ‘More Shitty Apartments No Doubt…’


VIDEO | Bolts For Kolour Spray Paint

Speaking of them Flies, Ironlak and Bolts have just dropped a hot new video showcasing what can be done with the Kolour range. I've never been quite sold on Kolour, but I have friends who swear by it and some who will never consider the stuff, either way, Bolts has never made it look so… Continue reading VIDEO | Bolts For Kolour Spray Paint


VIDEO // Sauce – Melbourne

Melbourne really is one of the luckiest cities for its graffiti scene, for both the past and the present. So many names come to mind: Merda, Dvate, Hooks, Skary,  Bolts, OG23, just to name a few. But one name that definately springs to mind is Ironlak team member, Sauce. Apart of the already established Fly… Continue reading VIDEO // Sauce – Melbourne