REVIEW | Michael Danischewski ‘Blue Sky Roam’ at RVCA Corner Gallery

When people think of visual art, the first response is usually within the use of colour. Whether it’s from a traditional canvas, screen or photograph, an artworks layout of colour has a profound effect on the viewers final perspective, so much so, that it can even make or break shows.

VIDEO | Mambo: 30 Years of Shelf-Indulgence

A short film made about the history of iconic T’shirt brand Mambo for the Exhibition at NGV entitled “Mambo : 30 years of shelf indulgence”  MAMBO – MICHAEL DANISCHEWSKI Click here for more video work from MICHAEL DANISCHEWSKI via The Fourth Walls

VIDEO // Dmote x Sage

ANP Artist DMOTE hooks up with SAGE while in Melbourne for RVCA Australia’s ‘Full Serve’ exhibition. Dmote – Sage Shot and edited by Michael Danischewski Click here for more with Dmote, Sage and Michael Danischewski via Arty Graffarti