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REVIEW | Utah & Ether ‘Probation Vacation: Lost in Asia’ Book

Images provided by The Grifters When it comes to the expanded world of graffiti, from all corners of the globe and the many styles that come with it, one of its key elements is the intent of visibility. Whether it be from one side of a city to the other, finding ones sticker, tag, piece… Continue reading REVIEW | Utah & Ether ‘Probation Vacation: Lost in Asia’ Book


End of The Line | Crunch Time Vol. 6

Magazines are a cornerstone of any local and international graffiti scene. Independently published and distributed, these thin lined collection of stapled pages are more affordable to produce then most books, while usually granted a longer lifespan then the cheaper alternative, the zine. With the currant state of printed matter dying by the day, seeing a newly printed… Continue reading End of The Line | Crunch Time Vol. 6

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ZINE | Over Time Part 2 | Melburban featuring Pasif & Lazy

What is the greatest sequel of all time? Godfather 2? Paul's Boutique? What about Low End Theory? I'm not to sure, but one of the hardest things to do, when producing work, is backing it up for the second coming. The creative field, rarely allows the same energy to carry on and flow long enough… Continue reading ZINE | Over Time Part 2 | Melburban featuring Pasif & Lazy



The documentary format has been synonyms with street art and graffiti, since it's popularised inception. From the hey days of Style Wars and Stations of The Elevated, to the more recent Exit Through The Gift Shop, these intertwining cultures have been welcomed and influential to screens, both large and small. But, as a self proclaimed film buff, I… Continue reading REVIEW | CUTBACK DOCUMENTARY



For all the internet's shortcomings, the addition of Instagram would have to be one of its better formations. While we've had Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Myspace, Twitter and a bunch of other time (and in some cases, money) sucking formats to sink our teeth into, the visual connections with Instagram are instant. That's why creative cultures, such… Continue reading ZINE | OVER TIME PART 1 | MELBURBAN



Graffiti, by and large, is an independent activity. As an individual presses down on a cap to release their name on whatever surface they see fit, they bear all the risk, all the adrenaline and all the glory involved with get your name up. But it's always good to have someone giving you the all… Continue reading ZINE | DISTURB THE PEACE | VACANT LOT



Having dedicated itself to the art of photography since it conception, the team at THSLFE have continued to split their time (and talents) between two of Australia's most recognisable cities, Melbourne and Sydney. For their second venture into print, the team has (again) compiled a number of fantastic images and artworks into a sleek magazine to present another capsule… Continue reading MAGAZINE | THSLFE: Issue 2


ZINE // Sailer TGF ‘Spitting Teeth’ from Left Out Press

As a member of one of Melbourne's most hard working spray crews, TGF, Sailer has carved a solid reputation in the local scene. With a keen dedication to steel, bombing and all round style, the young writer has not only contributed to the collectives (already) growing prominence, but he has also established a name for… Continue reading ZINE // Sailer TGF ‘Spitting Teeth’ from Left Out Press