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REVIEW | Jake Foreman ‘Flash Zine’

I've accumulated a lot of zines and magazines over the last few years, some you've seen on this website, some tucked away into a big fat storage box, hiding way in my cupboard. Paint doesn't look as nice on a screen and the personality of those making these capsules, usually finds a way of creeping… Continue reading REVIEW | Jake Foreman ‘Flash Zine’


REVIEW | ‘Sorry Bro’ by Antwan Horfee at Ruttkowski;68 Gallery, Cologne

Since entering the gallery environment six years ago, Parisian artist Antwan Horfee, quickly breached the ever-present shadow, some graffiti writers carry well into their art years. Extracting the energy in his street work at stretched canvas, Horfee has firmly established himself in spaces around the world, travelling as far as The United States, Sweden and even our little city… Continue reading REVIEW | ‘Sorry Bro’ by Antwan Horfee at Ruttkowski;68 Gallery, Cologne

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VIDEO | The Grifters Code 6: Uber Freaks

ALWAYS CHOOSE LIFE. Loud, obnoxious, disrespectful, unnecessary, lawless, illegal. These are just some of the words, usually associated with the term: graffiti. A culture that is the under circumstances of an ocean of reasoning, supported by an ecosystem of individuals who live and breathe it's unquenchable lore. While some choose a casual approach, others bask in the… Continue reading VIDEO | The Grifters Code 6: Uber Freaks


WANTO Burger: Double Time In Kobe

If you've been paying attention to The Fourth Walls Instagram page, you would have noticed that I decided to spend the end of last year (along with the beginning of this one) throughout Japan. For this (my third) visit, my focus was spread across a number of checkpoints: exploring new areas, bands, buying as many records… Continue reading WANTO Burger: Double Time In Kobe