GALLERY | OG23 & RJ Skary at Rooftop Art Space

It's been nearly a year since the duo of OG23 and Skary presented a selection of works for art and aerosol fans across Melbourne and while the internet provides small snapshots into each artists progression, a physical collective display, is the best way to grasp just how far their talents have gone. While The Rooftop Bar… Continue reading GALLERY | OG23 & RJ Skary at Rooftop Art Space



Having dedicated itself to the art of photography since it conception, the team at THSLFE have continued to split their time (and talents) between two of Australia's most recognisable cities, Melbourne and Sydney. For their second venture into print, the team has (again) compiled a number of fantastic images and artworks into a sleek magazine to present another capsule… Continue reading MAGAZINE | THSLFE: Issue 2