Melbourne, Street Art

VIDEO | The Fourth Walls presents Stabs ‘Television’

Arriving in Melbourne during the influential boom period of the early 2000's, Melbourne-based artist - Stabs, has presented hundreds of works across it's walls and gallery spaces ever since. Committed to his chosen discipline of stencils, he consistantly evolves his practise by carving out new ways of presenting the art-form regularly. Filmed in June of… Continue reading VIDEO | The Fourth Walls presents Stabs ‘Television’


For The Kids | Stabs | Fawkner

With almost a decades worth of experience painting Melbourne's streets, it's hard to believe that this is Stabs' first ever commission wall. While we've seen thousands of small and large examples of outdoor works, along with some appearances in group shows and a couple of his own, large scale productions have never seen the light of day. And… Continue reading For The Kids | Stabs | Fawkner


GALLERY // Stabs ‘Keep It Simple’ | Backwoods Gallery

It's been a hell of a long time since we've seen, Melbourne street artist, Stabs' work being displayed in a gallery setting and while you can still catch a ton of his work outside, it's sometime comforting to be able to sit back, relax and analyse one of this cities best and most original stencil… Continue reading GALLERY // Stabs ‘Keep It Simple’ | Backwoods Gallery


GALLERY // Stabs ‘Lite Works’ at Backwoods Gallery

So here we are, the Stabs show has finally dropped in the Backwoods and as expected, it was a spectacle for the eyes. Wow! Seriously, fucking wow, what a show, undescribably original and unique, put in its own world. Stencilling is quiet an art, obviously just look at Rone's work, but Stabs and his monsters take… Continue reading GALLERY // Stabs ‘Lite Works’ at Backwoods Gallery