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VIDEO | The Fourth Walls presents Stabs ‘Television’

Arriving in Melbourne during the influential boom period of the early 2000's, Melbourne-based artist - Stabs, has presented hundreds of works across it's walls and gallery spaces ever since. Committed to his chosen discipline of stencils, he consistantly evolves his practise by carving out new ways of presenting the art-form regularly. Filmed in June of… Continue reading VIDEO | The Fourth Walls presents Stabs ‘Television’

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REVIEW | TwoOne ‘100 Faces’

Hiroyasu Tsuri aka TwoOne is a (formerly based) Melbourne street artist, who needs little introduction. Having developed an impressive body of work, that has evolved and been reinterpreted many times of the years, Tsuri work has seen the light of many faces over the last decade or so. From naturally based aesthetics, to a distinguished interpretation of… Continue reading REVIEW | TwoOne ‘100 Faces’

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REVIEW | Askew One ‘Post-Colonial’ / Beastman ‘Seminatural’ | Inner State Gallery – Detroit

Note: The Fourth Walls did not attend this show in person, only through images shown online Images by Daniel Isley (Instagram: @lifeofisley)  Provided by Inner State Gallery and 1xRUN The city of Detroit has gone through a number of social and economical changes over the last 50 years, from industrial decline to musical innovation, this eastern corner stone has always been… Continue reading REVIEW | Askew One ‘Post-Colonial’ / Beastman ‘Seminatural’ | Inner State Gallery – Detroit