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GRAFFITI | Heaps – Skary | Preston

PRESTON Click here for more from HEAPS via The Fourth Walls Click here for more from SKARY via The Fourth Walls



Having dedicated itself to the art of photography since it conception, the team at THSLFE have continued to split their time (and talents) between two of Australia's most recognisable cities, Melbourne and Sydney. For their second venture into print, the team has (again) compiled a number of fantastic images and artworks into a sleek magazine to present another capsule… Continue reading MAGAZINE | THSLFE: Issue 2


EXCLUSIVE | ‘Melbourne Hardcore’ with Gent and Skary

Back in May, Skary invited me along to take some flicks as he and Gent painted a big wall for MTN Australia.  With the theme of Hardcore in mind, the duo pushed out this wall, featuring a Skary white-outlined burner and a signature Gent character, with a devastating background to add a little extra cherry… Continue reading EXCLUSIVE | ‘Melbourne Hardcore’ with Gent and Skary